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There is no room for error when creating commercial fitouts.

The standards required by law are high, and the standards you demand of a fitout should be even higher.

Since 1981, Lamberts has earnt a reputation for creating complete fitouts and commercial kitchens that live up to the stringent demands made of them. From the initial design through to council approvals, our experience and pride in our work ensures that everything is done right. It sounds simple, but you will be surprised how often people are let down in this industry.

Years of experience and skilled tradesman allow us to tackle the trickier custom jobs with ease.

We will work with you to fabricate and supply to your specific needs.

Lamberts has a vast experience in providing stainless steel benching and canopies for commercial applications. All benching and sinks are custom made and installed to meet your exact requirements as well as the relevant Australian Standards.

Our Mission is to provide you with;

  • A complete fitout that you are proud of.
  • A finished product that you want to show off,
  • A prompt, on-time and fuss-free installation and commissioning,
  • A support service that is ongoing and reliable,
  • A solution to your needs and requirements.

Commercial kitchen design is a precise business. Errors that most people can't even see can cause you to fail the council approval process, costing you time and money. Our many years of experience and uncompromising attention to detail allows us to get it right the first time.

Lamberts are proud to say that we can provide a complete before and after sales service. If you have a problem with ANY component or piece of equipment that we have supplied then we will fix it, or arrange for it to be fixed.


About Us

Established in 1982. The current owners Spencer and Brooke Lambert have been involved in the business since 1993 and together with their dependable administration staff and productive factory team, the business has grown over the years to include complete design and construction of food outlets including exhaust canopies, stainless steel benches, commercial refrigeration, catering equipment and complete project management of the entire fitout.

So for any enquires requiring this type of service, please feel free to contact our helpful staff.

Our ABN is 18 195 062 998, and our BSA License Number is 883611.

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